XRoad Block

Rusty and Ruby come up with a plan to get past a massive rock blocking the road on the way to their ski trip!

XPenguin Problem!

Oh no! There’s a penguin problem in the recycling yard! Rusty and Ruby need kids’ help collecting all the penguins and bringing them back to the animal park. Move each character up and down to jump onto platforms and avoid obstacles along the way. Come on, kids, time to bolt!

Age: 3-6

XMid-Air Rescue

Rusty and Ruby create the Rescue-Matic Powerplane 9000 to fix an airplane's broken antenna.

XTheme Song Remix

Let's build an adventure! Dance along with Rusty, Ruby, the Bits, and Botasaur in this music video!

XAn Adventure in the Making

If he can dream it, he can build it! There is always an adventure in the making with Rusty Rivets.

XMeet the Bits

Meet the Bits! Whirly, Ray, Jack, and Crush are Rusty and Ruby's awesome team of high-tech helpers.