XSleep-Over Party

Leah invites Shimmer and Shine over for their first sleepover party, but the genies' wish granting turns it into a dance party.

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XThe Talent Show

When Zeta tries to ruin Nahal's performance in the talent show, Nahal ends up performing better than ever!

XFestive Coloring

Draw and color with your favorite Nick Jr. friends!

X1,2,3 Color! Shimmer, Shine, and Tala

The genies and Tala come to life in 1,2,3 Color! Shimmer, Shine, and Tala.

XHow To Clay: Tala

It's clay time! Check out how to clay this crafty Tala from Shimmer and Shine!

XBackyard Ballet

Leah wishes to be a ballerina like the Swan Queen, but the genies mistakenly make her a queen of real swans!

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Shimmer and Shine