XOutside the Lines

Sing along, be yourself and think outside the lines with Sunny, Rox, and Blair in this video!

Sunny Day: Outside the Lines
XSmiling and Styling With Sunny

Help Sunny, Blair and Rox at their salon by styling their friends! Wash, trim and style their hair, and paint their nails, are you ready? Let's gear up and go!

Age: 3-6

Sunny Day: Smiling and Styling with Sunny
XMaking New Friends

Doodle and Timmy bond over cheeseburgers, belly rubs, and singing while Doodle is missing Sunny.

Sunny Day: Making New Friends
XA Tree-mendous Topi-Hairy

Sunny's taking her skills on the road! Will she finish her topiary tree while riding in the Glam Van?

Sunny Day: A Tree-mendous Topi-Hairy
XA Stay Put Style

Hannah, the ballerina, needs Sunny to make her hair to stay in place while she dances in the new ballet.

Sunny Day: A Stay Put Style
XNick Jr. Halloween Farm Festival

In Nick Jr.’s Halloween Farm Festival, kids can play four ghostly games that unlock each week featuring PAW Patrol, Sunny Day, Blaze, and Shimmer & Shine.

Age: 3-6

Nick Jr. Halloween Farm Festival
XBirthday Baking

Follow the recipe with Sunny, Blair, and Rox as Cindy teaches them how to make the perfect cake!

Sunny Day: Birthday Baking
XStyle Files: Topiairy Style

It's stylin' time! Learn how to make a tree-rific hairstyle called a topiairy in this step-by-step video!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Topiairy Style
XMeet Sunny!

Meet Sunny Day! With her best friends by her side, Sunny is ready for a new style of adventure.

Meet Sunny!
XStyle Files: Pop Star Ponytail

Ready to be a pop star? Join Sunny for this hair tutorial video and learn how to make a pop star ponytail!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Pop Star Ponytail
XStyle Files: Crown Braids

It's time to get stylin'! Look like royalty and make the perfect crown braid with this step-by-step video!

Sunny Day: Style Files: Crown Braids
XStyle Files: Friendship Braid

Get stylin’ with this step-by-step video and learn how to make a fabulous friendship braid just like Sunny’s!

Style Files: Friendship Braid

Sunny Day