XRainbow Egg

Search for the special rainbow striped egg with Bot, Milli, Geo, and their friend, April!

Team Umizomi: Rainbow Egg
XNick Jr. Block Star Challenge

Ready for a fun, family-friendly competition? This multi-player game allows for 4 players to compete with speed to see who’s the best on the block! Each competitor chooses a player: block characters from PAW Patrol, Blue's Clues & You, Blaze and more! There are 3 skill-building challenges that players will have to use their problem-solving skills to get through quickly. Each player takes a turn tackling the same timed obstacle course. The faster players go, the more points they collect. The player with the most points tallied, wins!

Nick Jr. Block Star Challenge
XMoo-ving Right Along

Milli, Geo, and Bot need to put all of the cows back in their correct stalls. Can you help them?

Team Umizoomi: Moo-ving Right Along
XFinding the Bird

Milli, Geo, and Bot need to find the right bird! They see nine different birds, but which one's the right one?

UMI: Finding the Bird
XThe Hot Air Balloon

Team Umizoomi needs your help building a hot air balloon so they can fly way up high to reach the hawk's nest.

UMI: The Hot Air Balloon
XSuper Shape Carnival Puzzles

In this preschool game, kids can use their mighty math powers to help Geo, Milli, and Bot stop the Shape Bandit and get the Umi City Super Shape Carnival working again!

Team Umizoomi - Super Shape Carnival Puzzles
XSuitcase Shapes

Let's use our shape skills to help Geo fit all the suitcases inside the airplane to get it ready for takeoff.

UMI: Suitcase Shapes
XChirp Chirp, Tweet Tweet

Team Umizoomi teams up with some baby hawks and sings a bird song to call their hawk mom back to the nest!

UMI: Chirp Chirp, Tweet Tweet
XMighty Math Powers

One, two, three, go! Milli, Geo, and Bot need help with math! Luckily, they've got mighty math powers!

UMI: Mighty Math Powers
XLemonade Stand
Lemonade Stand
XThe Milk Factory

When the strawberry and chocolate milk tubes aren't working, it's up to Team Umizoomi to fix them!

Team Umizoomi: The Milk Factory
XKnowing Our Animals

Do you like animals? Team Umizoomi does! Watch Bot, Milli, and Geo learn all about their favorite animals.

UMI: Knowing Our Animals
XNick Jr. Super Search

Let’s play hide-and-seek with the PAW Patrol pups, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Sunny, and Team Umizoomi! First, your super searcher can select a friend to play with, and then visit Adventure Bay, Umi City, Friendly Falls, or Axel City to search for their Nick Jr. friends who are hiding in the scene. If players search and tap on all their friends before time run out, they'll earn stars! Kids can also play again and again to search for NEW characters in every scene.

Age: 3-6

Team Umizoomi