XRed Key Rescue

Milli, Geo, and Bot need help counting in order to find the red key while on their treasure hunt in the library.

XFavorite Toys

Sing along with Geo, Milli, Bot, and their favorite toys!

XSnowman Valley

Sing along with these silly snowmen as Milli, Geo, and Bot travel through Snowman Valley.


When UmiCar’s wheels slip and slide in the snow, Geo uses his super shape power to turn him into an UmiSled!

XRiding The Big Dragon

What's the quickest way to the top of a mountain? A ride from a giant dragon of course!

XSaving Presto

Milli, Geo, and Bot must save Presto the Magician when he accidentally puts his wand in the washing machine!

Team Umizoomi Videos