XShirley's Sleep-Over Adventure

A falling tree threatens Shirley’s home. The Cadets invite her to sleep over, and she helps guide a rescue.

Top Wing: 'Shirley's Sleep-Over Adventure/A Little Off Track'
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XStopping the Pirates

Watch Penny and Swift stop the pirates from stealing all the treasure in this video!

Top Wing: Stopping the Pirates
XTop Wing: Friends to the Rescue

In this free online game about friendship, teamwork, and rescue, join the rescue birds of Top Wing as they adventure to earn their wings!

Top Wing: Friends to the Rescue
XDIY Penny with Dots

DIY Penny from Top Wing with dots

DIY Penny with Dots
XThe Missing Chicks

When the Top Wing cadets realize the turtle and chicken eggs have been mixed up, they must swap them!

Top Wing: The Missing Chicks
XBirthday Bandits!

The Monkey Bandits take Rod's birthday cake and Road-Wing. Can Swift rescue the party?

Top Wing: 'Birthday Bandits!/The Mystery of the Haunted Cave'
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XDIY Brody with Dots

DIY Brody from Top Wing with dots

DIY Brody with Dots
XColor the Cadets!

Draw, color, and add stickers of your favorite birds in training, Swift, Rod, Penny, and Brody!

Top Wing: Color the Cadets!
XInterrupting Bea

When Bea takes a day off, she must jump back into action to help the cadets save Shirley.

Top Wing: Interrupting Bea
XDIY Rod with Clay

DIY Rod from Top Wing with clay

DIY Rod with Clay
XLeveling Up!

The Top Wingers level up in cadet training and Swift, Brody, Penny, and Rod get some exciting perks with the promotion.

Leveling Up!
XVirtual Training Missions

Top Wing Academy is now open and kids can earn their wings by going on virtual training missions! Preschoolers can choose from stunt flying with Swift; super surfing with Brody; deep sea scouting with Penny; and off-road riding with Rod. On each mission preschoolers will help steer the cadets in the right direction, collecting as many tokens as possible and earning badges. Let’s cock-a-doodle do this!

Age: 3-6

Top Wing: Virtual Training Missions

Top Wing