Nick Jr. Videos

XCheck Up Day

Dora’s on her way to the doctor’s for her yearly check up, and she won't be making this visit on her own!

Dora the Explorer: Check Up Day
Full Episode
XFollowing the Treasure Map

Zack, Quack, and Kira find a treasure map and set sail! First, they must make it past the pop-up rocks.

Zack & Quack: Following the Treasure Map
XPixel Pictures: Chase

Watch as these pixels come together to create a picture of a paw-some pup who is ready for action!

PAW: Pixel Pictures: Chase
XBotosaur Connect the Dots

See Botosaur come to life in this connect the dots video!

Botosaur Connect the Dots
XThe Deer Squad Theme Song

Sing along with the Deer Squad theme song!

The Deer Squad Theme Song
XRainbow Egg

Search for the special rainbow striped egg with Bot, Milli, Geo, and their friend, April!

Team Umizomi: Rainbow Egg
XAngry Lake Monster

Can Ramy overcome his fear of water to save the Deer Squad from an angry lake monster?

The Deer Squad Meet An Angry Lake Monster
XShaky Nut Trees

Armadillos have a hard shell for protection! Put your arms up with Diego to make a shell of your own.

Diego: Shaky Nut Trees
XThe Magic Spyglass

Can Santiago and his friends escape with the Magic Spyglass?

The Magic Spyglass
XThe Adventure Begins!

Set Sail with Santiago and his friends!

The Adventure Begins!
XTeaching a Bird to Fly

Watch as Dora uses the power of ballet to bring a bird back to life and teach it how to fly!

DAF: Teaching a Bird to Fly