Nick Jr. Videos

XNella's Party Save

Nella saves a big, fancy cake from falling to the ground at the party!

Nella: Nella's Party Save
XPig Chase

Farmer Al's pigs ran away from the barn! Can Ryder, Alex and Rubble figure out how to get them back?

PAW: Pig Chase
XHelping Officer Carl

Officer Carl needs help on a busy day as the town's only police officer, so Rusty and Ruby lend him a hand!

Rusty Rivets: Helping Officer Carl
XGlitterless Volcano

When the glitter volcano is missing its glitter, it’s up to Shimmer, Shine, and Leah to fix it!

S&S: Glitterless Volcano
XDiego on the Catwalk

Diego stays as steady as a Pampas cat as he crawls over the wobbly rocks to get across the rapid river!

Diego: Diego on the Catwalk
XFind Cotton-Top

A cotton-top tamarin is lost in the cave. It's time to grab your binoculars and help Diego go and rescue her!

Go, Diego, Go: Find Cotton-Top
XPixel Pictures: Botasaur

Watch as these pixels combine and design to create a picture of Rusty's trusty sidekick, Botasaur!

Pixel Pictures: Botasaur
XRocket Takes Flight

Shimmer, Shine, and Leah's Wishaversary takes an exciting turn when Leah's magical bracelet lands on Rocket!

S&S: Rocket Takes Flight
XUltimate Rescue with the PAW Patrol

Check out thes best moments of the PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue missions with Chase, Skye, Marshall, and the rest of the pups!

Ultimate Rescue with the PAW Patrol
XStyle Files: Wild Spider Style

Try out this wild hairstyle! Grab some pipe cleaners and follow these steps to make the cutest spider style!

Sunny Day Style Files: Wild Spider Style
XKC Saves the Day

When Sunny, Lacey, KC, Doodle, and Scratch are stuck in Scratch's dog pound, KC has an idea that might help!

Sunny Day: KC Saves the Day