Nick Jr. Videos

XThe Barbapapa Family Tree

Barbapapa tells the story of how the family came to be!

The Barbapapa Family Tree
XThe Barbapapas Theme Song!

Sing along with the Barbapapas theme song!

The Barbapapas Theme Song!
XFit for an Elephant!

The Barbapapas build the perfect home for their new pet elephant.

Fit for an Elephant!
XOne Wild Ride

Blaze, Gabby, and AJ must find a way to stop the Ferris wheel when it breaks loose and rolls towards them!

Blaze: One Wild Ride
XDIY Molly

DIY Molly from Bubble Guppies with colorful dots.

DIY Molly
XPlaying Super Pups

It's time to play Super Pups with the PAW Patrol! Rubble pretends to be Apollo and he's got a bunny to save!

PAW: Playing Super Pups
XThanksgiving Day

When Swiper tries to swipe their pie, Dora and Boots invite him to join them at Thanksgiving dinner.

DTE: Thanksgiving Day
XThanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving! Max and Ruby decorate and set the table at Grandma's house for a special meal!

Max and Ruby: Thanksgiving Dinner
XStopping Botasaur

When Botasaur is out of control on roller skates, Rusty and Ruby build the Rollerilla 9000 to stop him!

Rusty Rivets: Stopping Botasaur
XQuack's Wish

It's time for Quack's third wish from Kazam, the genie! Should Quack wish for something simple this time?

Zack & Quack: Quack's Wish
XDIY Blaze with Clay

DIY Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines with clay

DIY Blaze with Clay