Nick Jr. Videos

XPups Save Apollo

Rubble has to save Apollo from The Spider King after everyone falls asleep watching an Apollo-Super-Pup marathon on TV.

Pups Save Apollo/Pups Save the Hippos
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XPaddington's Pancakes

Paddington tries to make the Brown family Mrs. Bird's special pancakes

Paddington's Pancakes
XMeet Pigeonton!

Meet the Brown family's new friend, Pidgeonton!

Meet Pigeonton!
XSpeedboat Blaze

When Axle City gets flooded, Blaze, Gabby, and AJ must save the day!

Blaze: Speedboat Blaze
XThe Shark Sub

Milli, Bot, and Geo need to stop Little Trouble by building a super shark submarine.

Team Umizoomi: The Shark Sub
XGrow the Snowman

When a big storm starts heading towards Dora, Naiya, and Pablo, Shivers, the snowman, comes to the rescue!

DAF: Grow the Snowman
XPost Office Facts

How does the Post Office work? How do letters and packages get from here to there? Bot knows! Watch and learn!

Supersonic Science: How Does the Post Office Work?
XRusty Meets Alien

When Rusty finds an alien named Shaz, they have to help him get his ship down from a cliff so he can go home!

Rusty Rivets: Rusty Meets Alien
XGrandma's Present

When Grandma gets Max a surprise present, Max ends up giving her a surprise of his own!

Max and Ruby: Grandma's Present
XBasket Fishing

When Boots’ basket falls off a bridge, Dora uses a fishing pole to pull it back up!

DTE: Basket Fishing
XFishing For A Pet

Zack, Quack, and Kira explore the ocean floor to find Fluffy the perfect pet!

Zack & Quack: Fishing For A Pet