Nick Jr. Videos

XRoller Coaster Rocks

Dora, Boots, and Abuela explore a magical rain forest amusement park, Adventure Forest, so they can ride the Roller Coaster Rocks!

Dora the Explorer: Riding the Roller Coaster Rocks
XDiego Dives Deep

Jaques Cousteau could never get this low! Dive to the bottom of the ocean with Diego!

Go, Diego, Go: Diego Dives Deep
XTake Stuff Machine

When Frankie creates a machine that won't stop taking stuff, Rusty will have to stop it.

Rusty Rivets: Take Stuff Machine
XMax and Roger

Ruby and Louise are helping Grandma set up for a party & invite Roger over to play catch with Max.

Max and Ruby: Max and Roger
XElf-Made Village

Emma and Dora stumble upon an elf village. Sing along to the catchy elf-made village song!

DAF: Elf-Made Village
XA Fairy Beautiful Song

A Sparkle Storm is coming to Charmville and the only thing that can stop it is the most beautiful song!

Little Charmers: A Fairy Beautiful Song
XHow Deep is the Lake?

Team Umizoomi is trying to figure out how deep the water in the lake is and they need your help measuring!

UMI: How Deep is the Lake?
XBlue's Clues & You Official Theme Song

Check out the theme song from Blue's Clues & You!

Blue's Clues & You Official Theme Song
XMail Time with Josh and Blue!

It's mail time! Sing the mail time song with Josh and Blue and check out the email that he's gotten from some friends.

Mail Time with Josh and Blue!
XThe Dinosaur Dance

Get up on your feet and do the dinosaur dance with Deema, Gil, and Molly!

BG: The Dinosaur Dance
XSaving Belly-Up

When Belly-Up's hiccups send him flying, Zack and his friends rush to his rescue!

Zack & Quack: Saving Belly-Up