Nick Jr. Videos

XMonkey Monkey Do

Anna sings a catchy tune to help soothe a monkey before he takes his medicine and goes to sleep.

Rusty Rivets: Monkey Monkey Do
XThe Pop Fu Master

Zack, Quack, and Kira cross paths with a Pop Fu master, as they set off to save the Pop Fu festival.

Zack & Quack: The Pop Fu Master
XRuby's Close-Up

Ruby is trying to make a nice video for her grandma, but pesky Max keeps on interrupting her!

Max and Ruby: Ruby's Close-Up
XSlingshot Propulsion

When Blaze is engine-less, there's only one thing that can help him get around: propulsion!

Blaze: Slingshot Propulsion
XDIY Rubble with Dots

DIY Rubble from PAW Patrol with dots

DIY Rubble with Dots
XFinding the Bird

Milli, Geo, and Bot need to find the right bird! They see nine different birds, but which one's the right one?

UMI: Finding the Bird
XBounce, Bounce, Bounce!

Join Diego and Baby Jaguar as they bounce through the trees to help Sara, a leaping lemur, find her family.

Diego: Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!
XDIY Dora The Explorer Bracelet

DIY your own Dora The Explorer bracelet

DIY Dora The Explorer Bracelet
XMax the Conductor

Ruby wants to get ready for a sleepover at Grandma's, but Max and his toy train keep getting in the way!

Max and Ruby: Max the Conductor
XThe Runaway Wagon

When a pig accidentally starts rolling down a hill in a wagon, Dora and Boots come to the rescue!

DTE: The Runaway Wagon
XThe Hot Air Balloon

Team Umizoomi needs your help building a hot air balloon so they can fly way up high to reach the hawk's nest.

UMI: The Hot Air Balloon