XPopathon Race

Zack and Quack are gearing up for the big race, but when they hit a steep hill, things get tricky!

Zack & Quack: Popathon Race
XQuack's Wish

It's time for Quack's third wish from Kazam, the genie! Should Quack wish for something simple this time?

Zack & Quack: Quack's Wish
XPilot Pirates

Lift off with Zack, Quack, and their friends! They must escape a group of pirates in their hot air balloon!

Zack & Quack: Pilot Pirates
XKing Quack

The king of Pop-A-Lot, Quack, gets a case of the sneezes and must embark on a royal quest for magical soup.

Zack & Quack: King Quack
XThe Paper Star

When Quack and Fluffy spoil Zack's Christmas surprise, Zack and friends use pop-up magic to save the day!

Zack & Quack: The Paper Star
XBig Rubber Duckie

Zack, Quack, and Kira need figure out a way to stop a giant rubber duckie from crashing into a castle!

Zack & Quack: Big Rubber Duckie
XJungle Gorillas

Zack, Quack, and Kira are on their way to beat the heat when they pick up some rowdy gorillas on their way!

Zack & Quack: Jungle Gorillas
XThe King's Crown

Zack, Quack, and Kira help Prince Pop rescue the king's crown before it rolls into quicksand.

Zack and Quack: The King's Crown
XFishing For A Pet

Zack, Quack, and Kira explore the ocean floor to find Fluffy the perfect pet!

Zack & Quack: Fishing For A Pet
XThe Pop-Up Games

Zack, Kira, and Quack attend the Pop-Up Games! Zack uses super long legs to race against his opponents.

Zack & Quack: The Pop-Up Games
XPit Stop

Zack, Quack, and their friends take a lunch break during their road trip to the top of Pop Up Peak.

Zack & Quack: Pit Stop
XAll Aboard

Watch Kira race to catch her train to Crafti-Com, the biggest paper fixing competition in the whole book!

Zack & Quack: All Aboard